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In this fast-paced work, life, more and more people pay more attention to the cost of time, so travel options are also more common. So for the first time you fly, is there some confusion? Do not worry, Xiaobian give you some of the airplane to pay attention to
Thing: the most important thing is the weight of the baggage! Domestic routes, the general provisions of the first class passenger baggage baggage weight of 40 kg, business class checked baggage weight of 30 kg, economy class checked baggage weight of 20 kg, baby tickets do not have free baggage allowance.
Another need to pay attention to the following 6 points:
1, complete packaging: checked baggage must be perfect packaging, fast lock, tied firmly, can withstand a certain pressure, can be under normal operating conditions, safe handling and transport, the specific airline can be asked, their own luggage is in line with the consignment begging.
2, suitcases, travel bags and handbags, etc. must be locked;
3, more than two pieces of the package, can not be bundled as one;
4, luggage can not be attached to other items;
5, bamboo basket, net pocket, grass rope, straw bag can not be used as baggage packaging;
6, the passenger checked baggage, the value of more than 100 yuan per kilogram, the luggage can handle the value of the statement. The value of checked baggage can not exceed the actual value of the baggage itself. The maximum value of each passenger’s baggage claim is RMB 8,000. If the airline has objections to the value of the statement and the passenger refuses to accept the inspection, the airline has the right to refuse to pick up. The airlines are not the same as the provisions of international flights, apply for the statement of value, should be handled by the provisions of the airlines.
Above said so much more in fact the most important on the three points, one baggage security issues, the second is the weight of luggage, the third is the reinforcement of the baggage packaging. Clever you at this time certainly full of mind in how fast and no effort to solve it, that Xiao Bian told, really have such an artifact can solve your troubles at once. Artifact name is called three-in-one password lock weighing bag bag, the name is too long, called the baggage bar. This artifact of the main role of a name can understand.

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1: Changhao lock factory production and sales in one, since the production for 15 years, specializing in the production of various types of password padlock, TSA lock, luggage belt, travel packages and other tourism products. The factory is located in Yiwu City Road shop industrial area. Our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States and South Korea in the Middle East market, can be customized environmental products, we believe that the professional and thoughtful service will make the majority of satisfied customers at home and abroad. Long Hao has been to comply with “Yikeweizun, integrity-based” business philosophy, many times won the “consumer trust products”, “Chinese famous brand”, “China BrandName” and other awards, warmly welcome new and old customers throughout the visit!

2: I plant password lock production 3-4 million, to ensure that domestic and international orders for a single fast delivery, and most of the models each color are available from 5000 to more than 10,000 of the spot, so that can meet Take the spot of the day when the day of purchase of the goods. I plant to undertake large quantities at home and abroad orders at the same time, also accept a small number of custom. For example, to customize the color, pattern, packaging 1000 sets can be set up, take the spot guests 600 mixed batch (mixed 5) can be set from the set.

3: I produced the password lock quality, the same price superior quality, do not do low or even sub-goods, do not participate in blindly low-cost competition. Reasonable profits to produce a stable quality of large goods (may be several manufacturers can provide the same style and quality of the sample, but the password lock production process is complex, the production process will inevitably produce a small proportion of second-class goods or even waste, I plant the quality inspection department of each of the lock function of the switch, the flexibility of the digital wheel, the appearance of paint, pattern color shape and other aspects are strictly tested, only to allow the quality of the password lock before packing the factory, The goods are also welcome to the factory before the factory inspection.If the inquiry in the individual manufacturers offer a much lower rate also asked the merchants to seriously consider, after all, who knows a penny of goods, outrageous low price nothing more than two cases : Cut corners, big cargo bad quality, times shoddy)

4: payment: online banking transfer, Alipay can be, as in Yiwu local companies, but also to accept cash on delivery. And the field of cooperation with the company several times to establish a credibility, then you can also consider the monthly settlement or postpone the payment of the time to pay.

5: transport and freight: near the harbor with Ningbo and Shanghai, the export of goods such as I plant direct delivery Jincang, and this invention to the freight speed. General I plant is not included in the ex-factory price, tax included in the tax, please specify when the goods, such as our factory to send courier business, the proposed courier fee paid to us, because the payment than to pay the cheap More than the order of the guests with the logistics consignment, the guests can receive the pick up the phone to the local consignment delivery, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region guests can generally receive the goods the next day, Guangzhou, Shenzhen is generally 2- 3 days arrival, other places 3-5 days ranging.

6: invoice type: I can open the factory 3% of the ordinary invoice, 3% of the value-added tax invoices. 17% VAT invoice.

7: after-sales service: If the password lock appears a very small number of bad products, can be replaced with our factory, in order to avoid the guests because of forgetting the password and can not open the lock on the mistaken for the phenomenon of bad returns and return shipping problems by the guests bear. Long-term get the goods of the guests in the next order to return to our factory lock up.

8: honor: there are CJSJ, Changhao, CHANGHAO, AIWA, SNALIS, ZHONGCHUANG 5 big brands, some password lock style applied for a design patent, won the Yiwu Hardware Appliance Industry Association vice president of units, five good business households, consumers Trustworthy units, 2009 annual tax relief advanced, legal person Mr. Wang Changjiang himself is also enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, as Yunnan Province hope that the project love messenger, joined the ranks of student funds.

9: co-organized companies: Sochi Winter Olympics, Japan’s big found, Hello kitty, Disney, Singapore Airlines, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, Coca-Cola, Kingston, cattle network, etc., enthusiasm and look forward to your Cooperation!

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TRAVEL SENTRY Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Capital Airport

Since May 15, 2017, Asia’s busiest Beijing Capital International Airport has officially adopted the award-winning Travel Sentry global standard.

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Capital International Airport, Travel Sentry has further consolidated its position in the global airport security field. In addition to the newly added Beijing airport, more than 600 major airports around the world have used this security tool to help the staff to easily open and check the luggage, and then re-locked.

The statistics related to this agreement are considerable. Beijing Capital Airport is the world’s second largest airport, with 90 million passengers per year and more than 250 international / domestic airports (source: aci). Over the past decade, the market has experienced a unique rapid expansion, with visitors increasing by more than 70%, or about 38 million (source: statista).

Everyone knows that a safe and trustworthy luggage lock is a must-have for travel. Travel Sentry offers a globally recognized global security system for a wide range of travelers, greatly improving their travel experience. Travel Sentry is currently expanding and has used the system at multiple airports around the world, handling more than half of the total number of passengers worldwide.

We will sign an agreement with more airports in China and other regions in the future, and will provide you with more updates.

The Travel Sentry Team

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 TSA-529  TSA-527 CH-14A  CH-10B  CH-25B  CH-13A  CH-20B  CH-15B  CH-14B  CH-13B  CH-19B   CH-20A  CH-011  CH-09B   CH-07A  CH-07B  CH-07D  CH-07C

CH-21B   CH-835 CH-839 CH-QQ


To set your personal combination, please obey the following steps.

1     The lock is preset at factory to open at 0-0-0.Check the 0-0-0 aim at the indication line. Press down the button with shape tool.Now the lock is ready to open.

2         Press down the button with sharp tool,hold the position until next step 3 is finished.

3         Turn the character wheels to set your personal combination.

4         Release the button, now your private combination is set.

5         Remember well your new combination.If you want to change it again,please repeat .