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When take the plane, what need to pay attention to

In this fast-paced work, life, more and more people pay more attention to the cost of time, so travel options are also more common. So for the first time you fly, is there some confusion? Do not worry, Xiaobian give you some of the airplane to pay attention to
Thing: the most important thing is the weight of the baggage! Domestic routes, the general provisions of the first class passenger baggage baggage weight of 40 kg, business class checked baggage weight of 30 kg, economy class checked baggage weight of 20 kg, baby tickets do not have free baggage allowance.
Another need to pay attention to the following 6 points:
1, complete packaging: checked baggage must be perfect packaging, fast lock, tied firmly, can withstand a certain pressure, can be under normal operating conditions, safe handling and transport, the specific airline can be asked, their own luggage is in line with the consignment begging.
2, suitcases, travel bags and handbags, etc. must be locked;
3, more than two pieces of the package, can not be bundled as one;
4, luggage can not be attached to other items;
5, bamboo basket, net pocket, grass rope, straw bag can not be used as baggage packaging;
6, the passenger checked baggage, the value of more than 100 yuan per kilogram, the luggage can handle the value of the statement. The value of checked baggage can not exceed the actual value of the baggage itself. The maximum value of each passenger’s baggage claim is RMB 8,000. If the airline has objections to the value of the statement and the passenger refuses to accept the inspection, the airline has the right to refuse to pick up. The airlines are not the same as the provisions of international flights, apply for the statement of value, should be handled by the provisions of the airlines.
Above said so much more in fact the most important on the three points, one baggage security issues, the second is the weight of luggage, the third is the reinforcement of the baggage packaging. Clever you at this time certainly full of mind in how fast and no effort to solve it, that Xiao Bian told, really have such an artifact can solve your troubles at once. Artifact name is called three-in-one password lock weighing bag bag, the name is too long, called the baggage bar. This artifact of the main role of a name can understand.