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Why choice Changhao Lock ?

1: Changhao lock factory production and sales in one, since the production for 15 years, specializing in the production of various types of password padlock, TSA lock, luggage belt, travel packages and other tourism products. The factory is located in Yiwu City Road shop industrial area. Our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States and South Korea in the Middle East market, can be customized environmental products, we believe that the professional and thoughtful service will make the majority of satisfied customers at home and abroad. Long Hao has been to comply with “Yikeweizun, integrity-based” business philosophy, many times won the “consumer trust products”, “Chinese famous brand”, “China BrandName” and other awards, warmly welcome new and old customers throughout the visit!

2: I plant password lock production 3-4 million, to ensure that domestic and international orders for a single fast delivery, and most of the models each color are available from 5000 to more than 10,000 of the spot, so that can meet Take the spot of the day when the day of purchase of the goods. I plant to undertake large quantities at home and abroad orders at the same time, also accept a small number of custom. For example, to customize the color, pattern, packaging 1000 sets can be set up, take the spot guests 600 mixed batch (mixed 5) can be set from the set.

3: I produced the password lock quality, the same price superior quality, do not do low or even sub-goods, do not participate in blindly low-cost competition. Reasonable profits to produce a stable quality of large goods (may be several manufacturers can provide the same style and quality of the sample, but the password lock production process is complex, the production process will inevitably produce a small proportion of second-class goods or even waste, I plant the quality inspection department of each of the lock function of the switch, the flexibility of the digital wheel, the appearance of paint, pattern color shape and other aspects are strictly tested, only to allow the quality of the password lock before packing the factory, The goods are also welcome to the factory before the factory inspection.If the inquiry in the individual manufacturers offer a much lower rate also asked the merchants to seriously consider, after all, who knows a penny of goods, outrageous low price nothing more than two cases : Cut corners, big cargo bad quality, times shoddy)

4: payment: online banking transfer, Alipay can be, as in Yiwu local companies, but also to accept cash on delivery. And the field of cooperation with the company several times to establish a credibility, then you can also consider the monthly settlement or postpone the payment of the time to pay.

5: transport and freight: near the harbor with Ningbo and Shanghai, the export of goods such as I plant direct delivery Jincang, and this invention to the freight speed. General I plant is not included in the ex-factory price, tax included in the tax, please specify when the goods, such as our factory to send courier business, the proposed courier fee paid to us, because the payment than to pay the cheap More than the order of the guests with the logistics consignment, the guests can receive the pick up the phone to the local consignment delivery, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region guests can generally receive the goods the next day, Guangzhou, Shenzhen is generally 2- 3 days arrival, other places 3-5 days ranging.

6: invoice type: I can open the factory 3% of the ordinary invoice, 3% of the value-added tax invoices. 17% VAT invoice.

7: after-sales service: If the password lock appears a very small number of bad products, can be replaced with our factory, in order to avoid the guests because of forgetting the password and can not open the lock on the mistaken for the phenomenon of bad returns and return shipping problems by the guests bear. Long-term get the goods of the guests in the next order to return to our factory lock up.

8: honor: there are CJSJ, Changhao, CHANGHAO, AIWA, SNALIS, ZHONGCHUANG 5 big brands, some password lock style applied for a design patent, won the Yiwu Hardware Appliance Industry Association vice president of units, five good business households, consumers Trustworthy units, 2009 annual tax relief advanced, legal person Mr. Wang Changjiang himself is also enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, as Yunnan Province hope that the project love messenger, joined the ranks of student funds.

9: co-organized companies: Sochi Winter Olympics, Japan’s big found, Hello kitty, Disney, Singapore Airlines, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, Coca-Cola, Kingston, cattle network, etc., enthusiasm and look forward to your Cooperation!