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TRAVEL SENTRY Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Capital Airport

TRAVEL SENTRY Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Capital Airport

Since May 15, 2017, Asia’s busiest Beijing Capital International Airport has officially adopted the award-winning Travel Sentry global standard.

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Capital International Airport, Travel Sentry has further consolidated its position in the global airport security field. In addition to the newly added Beijing airport, more than 600 major airports around the world have used this security tool to help the staff to easily open and check the luggage, and then re-locked.

The statistics related to this agreement are considerable. Beijing Capital Airport is the world’s second largest airport, with 90 million passengers per year and more than 250 international / domestic airports (source: aci). Over the past decade, the market has experienced a unique rapid expansion, with visitors increasing by more than 70%, or about 38 million (source: statista).

Everyone knows that a safe and trustworthy luggage lock is a must-have for travel. Travel Sentry offers a globally recognized global security system for a wide range of travelers, greatly improving their travel experience. Travel Sentry is currently expanding and has used the system at multiple airports around the world, handling more than half of the total number of passengers worldwide.

We will sign an agreement with more airports in China and other regions in the future, and will provide you with more updates.

The Travel Sentry Team